About Us

Established in 2006 and with over 11 years of experience and counting, NASCANS is Singapore’s market leader in the provision of high quality student care centres.

We are seasoned professionals and highly experienced in conducting various after school programs for students enrolled with us. These programs are diverse, and range from character building and leadership courses to skills-based enrichment classes for students in our various partner schools.

As a proponent for the holistic education of all children, NASCANS values the time students spend at our centres after school, and we will actively engage them with interactive programs and highly experienced educators. We are also driven by a passion to educate, and it shows in our vision, mission, and values.

As a school-based care provider, we will also align our teaching to integrate the values promoted by the schools into our lessons. We will also serve as an extension of the school itself by complementing its curriculum and expanding on the range of services provided by the school in a symbiotic manner.

With this, we aim to create intelligent lifelong learners with big hearts and open minds.

Additionally, Nascans is also a brand in the Global Eduhub family, one of Singapore’s leading providers of quality educational services.

Our Vision

To be the ‘third place’ between school and home, where quests for knowledge unfold and learning begins.

Our Mission

To help each child develop positive and healthy thinking habits and leadership skills, and to build strength of character through structured and fun learning activities.

Our Values

  • Lifelong Learning and Development

    We believe that every child should enjoy learning. We also believe that every child deserves to discover and develop their innate talents. Though the infusion of interactive elements into lessons, as well as plenty of encouragement and fun activities, we aim to make learning fun and meaningful. With this, we hope to awaken an unquenchable thirst for knowledge in our students that will accompany them well into their old age.

  • Developing of Critical and Creative Thinking Skills

    We believe that healthy, intelligent thinking helps children to solve problems better and be better-behaved. The inclusion of opportunities to encourage critical thinking in our programs and teaching children how to think creatively as a key component of lessons will help students to develop useful skills for the real world.

  • Character Development

    The strength of a student’s character is a strong determinant in the success of a child’s life, and we at NASCANS are aware of this vital fact. We thus hold this value close to our heart and take great effort integrating character education into our program.

  • Being Responsible and Caring

    We believe that every child has a powerful role to play in their community. Thus, raising children who are compassionate and able think for others is paramount to us. Inculcating this deep sense of responsibility and care begins in a child’s important formative years, and our emphasis on these traits in our program will help to form the basis for them to persist even as our students mature.