Our Partners


Nurture Craft

Our Curriculum Division

Nurture Craft is a company that is highly involved in the development of modern pedagogies to suit the changing times. Since the year 2000, they have been seeking to help students through a world of complexity and uncertainty by aiding in the enrichment of students. Utilizing methods such as Professor Arthur Costa’s Habits of Mind, Professor Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping techniques, and other creativity and memory strategies, Nurture Craft helps to enhance our unique curriculum at NASCANS and further enrich our students.


Global EduHub (GEH)

Our Parent Brand

With over forty-five centres in Singapore and twenty years of experience in the education industry, Global EduHub is a well-established educational group that provides infant care, child care, student care, enrichment, and educational publishing services in three different countries. With a steadfast dedication to providing quality education to all, Global EduHub promises to ensure powerful, effective lessons for all students under its care.