2021 School Reopening Arrangements for MOE Kindergartens and Primary Schools

School Reopening 2021

2021 School Reopening Arrangements for MOE Kindergartens and Primary Schools

School Reopening 2021

The 2021 school year will begin on Monday, 4 January 2021 for all MOE Kindergartens (MKs), Primary, and Secondary schools. Unlike previous years, where students report to school on 4 January, the arrangements will be slightly different next year.

On the first day of school, only Kindergarten 1 (K1) and Primary 1 (P1) students will be reporting to their new schools whereas their Kindergarten 2 (K2) and Primary 2 (P2) to Primary 6 (P6) schoolmates will stay at home and report to school a day later.

“To better welcome Kindergarten 1 (K1) children and Primary 1 (P1) students to their new schools and ensure that the Safe Management Measures (SMMs) can be implemented effectively, only K1 children and P1 students will report to school on 4 January (Monday)” said Ministry of Education.

One Parent/Guardian per Kindergarten 1 and Primary 1 Student

For the young K1 and P1 students, a maximum of one parent/guardian will be allowed to accompany their child/ward to school on that day, said MOE.

Safe Management Measures in Schools

Even with the recent announcement of Phase 3, schools will continue to observe all safe management measures to ensure that they are a safe place for students to learn and grow. Visual screening and temperature-taking of students and staff, observance of high standards of hygiene, safe distancing between students and safe, are examples of the implemented measures. MOE also reminded students who exhibit flu-like symptoms, or those who are down with a fever or cough are to seek medical attention and avoid going to school.

TraceTogether is not yet mandatory for students as it will only be required after the completion of nationwide distribution.

Kindergarten Care and Student Care Centres

Kindergarten Care will not be open for K2 children on 4 January to ensure that the MOE Kindergartens are able to accommodate the K1 parents on that day. Nonetheless, the good news for parents who have enrolled their child in school-based Student Care Centres (SCCs), the centres will remain open in the afternoon of 4 January for P2 to P6 students.

Read more in the Ministry of Education’s Press Release on 18 December 2020.


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