2023 Enrolment Promotions

2023 enrolment

2023 Enrolment Promotions

NASCANS believes in providing a conducive and safe environment for our students to achieve a holistic learning experience and prepare them with the knowledge to excel academically from Primary 1 to 6.

Through our specially curated programmes, enrichment activities and dedicated teachers, students will develop a strong foundation in academic subjects, acquire leadership qualities & lifelong learning habits. Experience the unique difference of our student care offering by booking a Centre Tour to learn about our award-winning curriculum, dedicated teachers and learning environments!

2023 Enrolment Specials

Student Care Promotions

💛 10% off school fees for first 5 months*
💛 Special rates for School Bus transport (for selected schools) available**
💛 Limited-time promo: Up to $1200 discounts for Parkway Parade + free school bus services for Tampines!


*Participating Centre: Bukit Merah 
**Participating Centres: Bukit Merah & Clementi
T&Cs apply for all promos. 

Tuition & Enrichment

💛 Enjoy special fees savings & more!

New Centre Promotions

💛 Enjoy special enrolment discounts worth up to $1200*
💛 Special Transportation Rebates  available!

Participating Centres: Ubi, Tampines, Parkway Parade (promotions vary)
T&Cs apply.

* T&Cs apply.

Centre Tour Schedule

Mondays – Fridays
(Excluding Weekends & Public Holiday)

10.00 am – 12.30 pm / 3.00 pm – 5.00 pm

Why Study At NASCANS?

Strong Track Record

With over 15 years of experience with student care services and combined expertise of our parent company Global Eduhub, we were specially selected by the Ministry of Education to be in over 20 primary schools.

Quality Tuition & Student Care

Our curriculum uses a holistic approach that includes Homework Coaching, Character-Building, Social & Emotional Development alongside Enrichment & Tutorial sessions.

Safe & Homely Environment

A safe, fun and conducive environment for your child to learn and grow with caring teachers, vibrant classrooms, warm showers and nutritious meals.

High Parent Satisfaction

Our routine parent surveys indicate over 95% of parents are happy with our NASCANS’ quality curriculum, experienced educators, robust operations and comprehensive programmes.

Stunning Environments

We offer cool spaces at our community-based centres which allow your child to eat healthily and unwind after completing their assignments and tutorial sessions.

Dedicated Mentors

With over 200 hours of extensive training in all areas of work, our student care mentors don’t just teach, they care for the holistic well-being of your child!

Bus Transportation

Transportation for children from neighbouring schools to our community-based centres can be arranged with our very own school bus vendors.

Book A Centre Tour

    Preferred Programme (Click to select Tuition & Enrichment)

    Award-Winning Student Care

    Elevate your child’s after-school experience at NASCANS!

    7 Signature programmes to boost academics and holistic development

    At NASCANS, students don’t just complete their daily homework under the supervision of our mentors, they are also equipped with important study skills and strong foundations in academic subjects via our 7 Signature Programmes! These include English @ NASCANSTM, Chinese @ NASCANSTM, Scientific Inquiry @ NASCANSTM and various Subject Boosters! Students in a fun and interactive manner while picking up time management strategies, organization skills, and independent learning; all of which are transferable lifelong skills that will prepare them for Primary school and beyond!

    Differentiated learning through Multiple Intelligences

    Students learn best when they are in their element! At NASCANS, we recognise that every child is unique and has different learning styles and pace. Some students learn very well in a linguistically-based environment (reading and writing), some are better taught through a mathematical-logic-based environment, while others benefit most from a kinaesthetic learning environment (learning through physical activities). Our Multiple Intelligences (MI) assessments help identify your child’s strengths and inform mentors to tailor the small group tutorial lessons to their needs.

    Dedicated teachers who empower learning

    With over 200 hours of extensive training in all areas of work via our comprehensive OasisTM Teacher Growth Model, our student care teachers don’t just teach, they care for the holistic well-being of your child. Be it supervising a homework assignment or unravelling a Mathematical concept, they are dedicated to empower your child’s learning!

    Flavours reminiscent of Home

    A healthy body nourishes a healthy mind! Students can look forward to our healthy and nutritious meals and snacks, prepared by our in-house cooks and are carefully planned to ensure that your child enjoys a diverse variety of healthy foods and flavours that reminds them of home!

    Explore our Conducive Learning Environments

    Your child’s after-school care environment matters! After a long day in school, students can look forward to our beautifully-designed learning spaces and rest areas. With an abundance of facilities such as a mini-library filled with age-appropriate books and magazines, computer stations, and a game corner decked out with table football, basketball, dart board, and numerous board games, there will be plenty to do after-school hours at NASCANS student care!

    Future-proof Your child & More…

    Equip your child with Intelligent Thinking Habits!

    TITANS - Teaching Intelligent Thinking at NASCANS

    In today’s world, it is important for your child to gain the necessary techniques and skills in grasping new topics while retaining and refining past knowledge. Equip your child with the means to think flexibly and draw upon a range of problem-solving strategies to achieve their goals!

    Our new programme, TITANS (Teaching Intelligent Thinking at NASCANS) seeks to inculcate a proven set of intelligent habits in our students based on the Habits of MindTM, an intelligent thinking framework developed by Dr Arthur Costa, Emeritus Professor of Education at California State University.

    Nurturing Independence & Social Skills

    NASCANS’s Impression ARTSTM is a modular creative art expression progamme that allows the student to work on his or her own masterpieces individually and towards the end, every individual masterpiece will be collated and put together creatively with the help of the mentors to form a grander community art mural on the wall.

    The final artwork speaks of a collective effort to beautify our space and community and reiterates the message that each and every student can contribute to make the community even better and more beautiful.

    Watch Our Videos


    Designed by our in-house curriculum team, consisting of former MOE teachers, HODs and expert enrichment specialists, select from a range of tuition  programmes for Primary school academic subjects like English, Chinese , Science, Mathematics or enrichment programmes like Coding & Robotics to supplement your child’s academic learning!
    NASCANS Student Care Small group tutorials, Primary School English Singapore


    Master over 16 creative writing strategies for a variety of text types including situational and continuous writing in Paper 1 and learn analytical skills to decipher key terms in visual and textual comprehension passages in Paper 2.

    NASCANS Student Care Small group tutorials, Primary School Chinese Singapore


    Gain essential exam skills to tackle the comprehension and writing components of the Chinese language paper through our progressive and structured Chinese programme.

    NASCANS Student Care Small group tutorials, Primary School Science Singapore


    Discover and build strong fundamentals in Science content knowledge, process skills, as well as critical and creative thinking to excel in Multiple-Choice and Open-ended questions.

    NASCANS Signature Programmes Coding


    Concepts like Fractions, Multiplication, Percentages, Ratios, and more are covered as we equip students with the knowledge they need for the PSLE examinations.

    Coding & Robotics

    Our Coding and Robotics programme is powered by RoboThink, a global leader in STEAM enrichment with a focus on coding and robotics spanning over 20 countries!

    Combining the strengths of American research, Korean innovation, and with a proprietary line of products, NASCANS’ Coding and Robotics programme is designed by childhood researchers to allow students to be immersed in a fun and educational learning environment that helps them build lifelong skills for the 21st century!

    *Tuition and enrichment programmes are optional and are available as an add-on to the core student care curriculum at our community-based centres. English, Mathematics and Science tuition classes will only be available in the second half of 2022.

    Hear What Our Happy Parents Say

    New Student Support

    Are you a Primary 1 parent anxious about placing your child in a new environment or parents who are going to enrol your child into a new Student Care? Fret not! Our experienced and dedicated teachers will closely guide new students throughout the lesson, so that your child can adapt quickly and learn well in our conducive environment. Give your child the best start with our fun and enriching programmes that nurture a love for learning!

    We help your child adapt to a new environment

    At NASCANS, our teachers will pay extra attention to new students to help them cope with the new routines. NASCANS teachers continually strive to foster a positive learning environment that strengthens the teacher-child relationship and rapport at the centre.

    Ready For Examinations, Ready For Life!

    Our qualified teachers are truly committed to guide every child through the completion of their schoolwork and to provide supplementary assessments in English, Chinese, Mathematics, and Science for them to practise when the need arises.

    Our Students learn how to acquire and retain knowledge effectively through bespoke lessons developed by our experienced in-house curriculum team. In addition, our centre implements a structured timetable to instil self-discipline, responsibility and task ownership in students. All these help students develop strong and positive habits that prepare them for the future.

    * Nationwide Campaign’s Terms & Conditions

    1. The 2022 Enrolment Promotions are only applicable for new enrolments for half-day programmes at selected NASCANS Community-Based centres (Bukit Merah, Clementi & Jurong East).
    2. Subsidised school bus fees are applicable to Clementi & Jurong East centres and for selected schools only.
    3. To secure the promotions, parents will need to enrol the child, pay a 1 month student care fee deposit and the child can start the programme upon discussion with the centre manager .
    4. The child should not be a previous NASCANS student who withdrew within 6 months from the start of the campaign.
    5. The $50 school fee rebate is given as a one-time off school fees on the first month. It is not transferable nor convertible to cash in the event the parent withdraws before enjoying the fee rebate.
    6. Fee rebate is a rebate on top of any current subsidies. Parents who are paying monthly nett fees that are lower than the fee rebate amount may not be able to enjoy the full amount of the rebate.
    7. NASCANS reserves the right at any time at its sole discretion to amend the benefits, terms and conditions of this offer without prior notice, by publishing the amended version on the NASCANS website.