Helping Children Transition From Preschool to Primary School

Helping Children Transition From Preschool to Primary School

As your child transitions from preschool to primary school, they enter a new stage in their development. This change means adjusting to a new learning environment, which brings about changes in daily routines, social interactions, and mental growth. Parents need to collaborate with their children to help them adapt to this new challenge, considering their abilities and level of preparedness.


While some kids are looking forward to the new experience, others are worried about the new academic requirements, making new friends, or adjusting to a new setting. The majority of the time, these issues are transient. Having an open mind is crucial if the situation is getting too much for the family.


You can, however, assist your child in getting ready for the next educational level and the start of their real, structured, systematic education in school. Here, we’ll explore the challenges kids may encounter and offer tips to help them prepare for a smooth transition.

Changes and Difficulties Faced by Children During Transition

New School Setting


Transitioning from a small, comfortable preschool setting to a bigger primary school can be intimidating. The physical environment, new instructors, and strange faces can be intimidating.


Academic Expectations


Preschool is often more play-based and less structured than primary school. The shift to a more academic-focused environment can be challenging for some children.


Peer Connections  


Children may experience new peer groups, friendships, and potential conflicts as they adjust to a larger and more diverse class. 


Increased Independence


Primary school expects children to be more responsible for their belongings, schedules, and tasks. This independence can be a source of stress.

4 Tips to Prepare and Support Your Kids in Primary School

Starting primary school can be a daunting experience for children as they encounter unfamiliar faces, including those of other first-time students, their caregivers, and teachers. The mix of new people and surroundings can be a thrilling and terrifying experience for new learners. To make the transition easier for both you and your kids, here are some tips:

1. Prepare your kids mentally and physically.

Start preparing your child for the first day of school by outlining potential events that might occur. Bring your child to school so they become accustomed to the environment’s sounds, sights, and scents.

It is important to inform your child about recess, flag raising, and after-school departure procedures. If someone from your family or a hired helper will be picking up your kid from school, it is vital to make a plan with them. Make sure to show your kid the location of the after-school pick-up spot and who to contact if nobody appears after the scheduled time has passed. This will help ensure your child’s safety and security.

2. Discuss meeting new friends.

Meeting new friends is usually part of transferring to a new school. It’s crucial to discuss how your child can establish new friends with them. Guaranteeing them that they will still be able to see their preschool friends can help calm their concerns. Plan some playgroups with their preschool friends throughout the initial two months of primary school so that your kid continues to keep these bonds.

3. Include your kid in the preparation of their basic school supplies.

Let your kid assist in selecting, purchasing, and labelling their school supplies and textbooks. They might love looking through their books, brand-new notebooks, and new art materials at home. 

To get their interest in what they will learn, use this moment to discuss which materials are for various subjects. They will feel more ownership over their possessions as they take part in labelling their materials.

4. Emotional support and reassurance

Inform your kid that feeling worried during this transition is natural. When they need to vent their emotions, be there to listen and offer comfort and emotional support.


The transition from Preschool to primary school is crucial for a child’s development. By understanding the challenges they may face and providing them with the necessary support, parents can help their children not only cope with the transition but also thrive in their new educational environment. 

It’s a time of growth, exploration, and learning for both children and parents and with the right guidance, it can be a positive and rewarding experience.