NASCANS feature by The Smart Local

NASCANS feature by The Smart Local

NASCANS Has Ex-MOE Teachers And Coaches Maths Through Sports & Music To Stimulate Multiple Intelligences

If you’ve racked your brains over how to make algebra and fractions more palatable to your kids, you’ll be reassured to know that it’s a conundrum for many and an accomplishment for few.

Instead of force-feeding formulas into their heads at a tuition centre, you can nurture your child’s interest in subjects like Maths by sending them to NASCANS Student Care. Fancy a lesson on angles taught with music and sports like soccer? Here’s a rundown of the school’s unique curriculum and academic approach catered towards primary school children.

This article is a part of the Influential Brands 2018 series, where The Smart Local highlights the most influential brands in Singapore. NASCANS has been awarded the 2018 Top Influential Brand in the category of Student Care in Singapore.

Multiple Intelligences Approach
1. Discovering your child’s interests and talents

NASCANS uses a Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment Scales (MIDAS) quiz to determine your child’s interests and natural inclinations when it comes to learning new things.

The MIDAS quiz measures the child’s aptitude for the above categories by asking questions specific to each category. Based on the answers collated from the quiz, a full report is sent to the email of the parent/guardian of the child detailing the intelligence profile of the child.

Image credit: MIDAS Tool

Profiles collected from completion of the MIDAS quiz aid the centre in sorting kids into classes with others who share similar profiles, as well as construct unique curriculums so that all the different areas of intelligence can be stimulated during lessons.

2. Unique curriculum specially crafted for stimulating multiple intelligences

To ensure that all the kids can benefit from the lessons in the centre, NASCANS tutors are trained to use as many different methods to teach as they can.

This accomplishes 2 things: students can benefit from classes even if they don’t all share the same learning types, and those who aren’t as inclined in a certain area of intelligence can find better ways to improve.

Besides the standard whiteboard teaching, NASCANS’ curriculum includes the use of music and sports to convey math and science concepts.

3. Parents can learn effective guiding strategies at home

NASCANS gets parents on board by providing a comprehensive analysis of their child’s MIDAS profiles to help parents better understand their child’s learning style and behavioural qualities.

The next time you catch your child fidgeting and unable to sit still for extended periods of study, instead of raging internally and feeling helpless, you’d know to change up their routine. Giving them frequent breaks or allowing them to shift their studying from one spot to another will satisfy their need for movement and keep them focused on their work.

Joining NASCANS in 2019

Since starting in 2006, NASCANS Student Care has been constantly evolving to suit the learning profiles of 21st-century kids. They’re one of the front runners in providing a holistic education for kids, especially in their emphasis on harnessing the unique talents and intellectual gifts of each child.

If you’re looking for a new student care centre to house your child for the coming school year, you may want to think about enrolling your child in NASCANS’ after-school care and holiday programmes.

Note: Only children enrolled in Primary 1-6 are eligible.

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