Nascans Student Care Collaborates With Sunlove Home to Benefit 700 Households Through a Donation Drive

Nascans Student Care Collaborates With Sunlove Home to Benefit 700 Households Through a Donation Drive

SINGAPORE, 3 JULY 2023 – NASCANS, an award-winning after-school brand under the umbrella of Global Eduhub, successfully conducted a donation drive for the seniors under the care of SunLove Home as part of NASCANS’ community engagement programme, NASCANS Cares. The programme’s primary objective is to foster a sense of togetherness among NASCANS staff while at the same time demonstrating one of their fundamental values – Empathy while positively impacting the community.

Ms Jenn Lim, Head of Operations at NASCANS, mentioned, “This initiative provides a platform to foster strong bonds between the staff and promote an inclusive community. The goal is to promote goodwill and kindness as well as set a positive example for the children in NASCANS. During the event, our staff displayed one of NASCANS’s key values – Empathy, while strengthening their bonds through mutual support for a common cause.”

The project, spearheaded by the team of educators from NASCANS @ Northland Student Care Centre, not only benefited 700 households living around the SunLove Active Aging Centres but also fostered stronger bonds and support among the participating mentors themselves. This heartwarming display of teamwork and unity further exemplified the values NASCANS holds dear.

Mrs Ho, Centre Supervisor of NASCANS @ Northland Primary School, said, “We are thrilled to have led this initiative and executed it together with our fellow NASCANS educators. It provided us with a unique opportunity to learn about the challenges others are facing and the importance of extending a helping hand. We are confident that the NASCANS community will continue to rally together for community engagements such as this and positively impact more lives in future projects to come.”

Ms Nur Ellysa, a representative from SunLove Active Aging Centre, expressed her gratitude for partnering with NASCANS on the donation drive, saying, “We are delighted to collaborate with NASCANS on this donation drive. The seniors who received the donations were very happy. We look forward to continuing our collaboration in making a positive difference in the community.”

About SunLove Home

SunLove Home is a charitable organisation that provides a communal space for the elderly to socialise with their peers and find meaningful support. They have multiple active ageing and senior activity centres around Singapore that offer a range of free services and activities for the elderly living around their centres to keep the elderly residents engaged.