Parent Referral Programme

Thank you for choosing NASCANS and allowing us to be part of your child’s learning journey.

Now, not only can you spread the delightful experience to your friends and relatives, all of you can enjoy special rewards!
To refer a friend to a NASCANS Community-Based Centre, please provide their details under the ‘New Parent’ section, along with your details in the ‘Referral Parent’ section.

This Parent Referral Programme is for parents who currently have their child/children enrolled in a NASCANS Community-Based Centre (known as ‘Referral Parent’) and are referring new parents to enrol their child/children at a NASCANS Community-Based Centre.


Both the New Parent and Referral Parent will be rewarded upon successful enrolment of the child / children at the centre.

Please take note, this programme is not applicable for NASCANS School-Based Centres.

New Parent Reward

$10 OFF School Fee

One-time rebate off child’s first month school fee.

Referral Parent Reward

50% OFF School Fee*

One-time rebate off child’s future school fee. This is for existing NASCANS parents whose child is studying at any of the NASCANS Community-Based Centres. *Click here to view the T&Cs.

Refer a New Parent in 3 Easy Steps

  1. 1. Fill out the Online Referral Form below.
  2. 2. Our admissions team will contact the referred parent to schedule a school visit to their chosen centre.
  3. 3. Upon Enrolment, the New Parent must fill in the Referral form at the Centre with their details as well as their referee’s details, together with the information of the child’s enrolment date. The representative at the Centre will then submit the form for processing.

        As a Referral Parent, I confirm that I am not the spouse of the New Parent, nor the parent of the Child named above.

        I confirm that I am submitting this form which contains my personal details as well as the personal details of another person(s). I confirm that I have been authorized by the other person(s) to submit such information on their behalf for the purposes of participating in this Programme. I agree to indemnify Global EduHub Pte Ltd & affiliates in respect of any penalties, liabilities, claims, demands, losses and damages which may result from my actions.

        I confirm that I have read and agree with the Privacy Policy of Global EduHub Pte Ltd & affiliates on the relevant websites, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. I give consent to Global EduHub Pte Ltd & affiliates to contact me pertaining to the above-mentioned matter. I also agree to receive updates from Global EduHub Pte Ltd & affiliates on any happenings, events, and promotions.

    Terms and Conditions

    • This Parent Referral Programme is only applicable for NASCANS Community-Based Centres and does not apply for NASCANS School-Based Centres.
    • The New Parent should not be a previous NASCANS parent who has withdrawn from NASCANS Community-Based Centres within the last 12 months.
    • The fee rebate for the Referral Parent is given as a one-time credit off the future school fees of the child of the Referral Parent, and shall be given when the referral conditions are fulfilled. The fee rebate is not transferable or convertible to cash and will be forfeited should the New Parent withdraw before the referral conditions are fully met.
    • The referral is considered successful when the following conditions are fulfilled:

    1) A valid Parent Referral Programme form (Filled in at the centre with the details of the referrer and referee) has been submitted prior to the New Child’s registration at the NASCANS Community-Based Centre.
    2) The New Parent has completed full payment and submitted all documentation required for registration.
    3) The New Child has been enrolled for at least 4 months after his/her commencement date at the Centre.

    • Every New Parent can only be referred once.
    • NASCANS reserves the right at any time at its sole discretion to change the terms and conditions of this offer without prior notice & liability.