Teachers’ Day Appreciation 2021

NASCANS Teachers' Day 2021

Teachers’ Day Appreciation 2021

NASCANS Teachers' Day 2021


Wearing a cape and emulating the heroes we admire when we were younger, is something most of us have done. But must superheroes be dressed in a fancy super suit to have superpowers? Not at all! From persuading your child to enjoy a diverse range of healthy food to supervising their homework, your child’s mentors are the REAL HEROES!

Mentors and teachers play a big role in guiding our children’s learning and development. They inspire the mind, ignite the imagination, and instil a love for learning in our students!


With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, our mentors have continued to find creative ways to engage our students while ensuring that safe management measures are adhered to. At every step of the way, our mentors have risen to the occasion and have done their very best to nurture our students!

To show appreciation and applaud our mentors and teachers for their dedication, we would like to invite you to share your words of encouragement! We welcome photographs and video snippets too!



Your words will mean the world to them!

To enter your messages, click the “+” icon on the bottom right hand side of the padlet screen.

We would appreciate if you could include:

  • your child’s name,
  • your name,
  • the name of the mentor or teacher(s) you would like to show appreciation to,
  • and the centre your child is currently in


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About NASCANS Student Care

Established in 2006, NASCANS is a leading student care brand in Singapore with over 20 locations in partner MOE schools and 6 community-based centres, providing students with “an Oasis between School and Home”. NASCANS’ award-winning programme nurtures children holistically by inculcating positive thinking habits, leadership skills and strength of character through structured and fun learning activities.