Benefits of Sending Your Child to A Student Care

NASCANS After School Student Care

Benefits of Sending Your Child to A Student Care

NASCANS After School Student Care

Did you know that more than 27,000 students in Singapore head to a Student Care after school instead of going home? And that’s just the number of students who go to a school-based centre as there are many others who find themselves safely transported to community-based centres near their schools and homes.

Why Send Your Child To A Student Care After School?

It is no surprise that with increasing dual-income households in Singapore, the demand for student care providers have risen. As Primary schools end in the afternoon, working parents without after school care options will need trusted adults to look after their children’s after school needs.

Trusted Adult to Pick Up Your Child

What happens if you live in the West but work in the Central Business District? Coupled with your child’s school ending after lunch hours, making it difficult to pick them up and send them home? Perhaps you may not live close to your child’s primary school and it is challenging for you to find transportation for your child?

While school buses are common nowadays, they only solve the sending and picking up portion of a Primary school child after school. What if you get to have an all-in-one service provider like how some community-based student care centres provide pick up services from neighbouring Primary schools. This could involve adults heading to the school gate to pick up children and escort them to the student care centre located close to the Primary school. For centres located at a distance, they may also offer school bus services where your child is comfortably ferried to the student care!

NASCANS After School Student Care

A Comfortable Place to Relax and Rejuvenate

After a long day in school, it is also crucial that children have a comfortable space to retreat to. Be it having a conducive room to catch up on their school work or a space where they get to unwind with their friends, playing table football, basketball, dart board, and board games, student care centres usually provide a range of facilities for learning and play.

NASCANS After School Student Care

Wide Variety of Nutritious and Healthy Meals

Primary school-goers are still young children and it is important for them to have a healthy diet to learn and grow! If left to their own devices, I’m sure many of children will choose to have tasty fast food for lunch. At a student care centre, students can still look forward to yummy and nutritious meals after their day in school. While some centres have dedicated caterers to provide meals, others like NASCANS offer nourishing meals prepared by in-house cooks that are carefully planned to ensure children will have a diverse variety of healthy foods.

Holiday Support and Enrichment Programmes

When school’s out and the holidays begin, many parents scramble to look for activities for their Primary school children. Fret not for those who are in student care as children will still be cared for by mentors and they can also look forward to exciting enrichment activities!

Students get to go beyond their textbooks and head outdoors for experiential learning journeys where they learn and grow holistically, all while having a great time with their friends! Other enrichment programmes could include learning a new skill or character-building programmes that help children to nurture positive values, develop critical thinking and enhance creativity – skills essential for the 21st century and beyond!

Comprehensive Academic Support

Another key element in starting children’s educational journey in Primary school is the addition of homework and revision. As schoolwork gets a little more challenging, students may need more help in their academics. Children who are distracted when left alone will also be placed in a structured environment where there will be dedicated timeslots for the completion of homework. Being in a room where all their friends are hard at work will further encourage them to start on their work too!

At a student care, experienced mentors will supervise children when they are completing their homework and community-based centres also train mentors in the different subjects so that they are able to answer any queries regarding their school work and also to help solidify their understanding of key concepts and mastery of language through additional English, Mathematics, Science, and Chinese assessments and practices.

For those who want additional support, community-based centres may provide add-on tutorial services. This means that you won’t have to spend extra money, time, and effort to send your child for extra tuition over the weekends. Because students spend time productively at the student care centres after school completing their homework, when they head home in the evening and over the weekend, you’ll get to spend quality family time! We’re sure after a long and hard day of work, parents wouldn’t want to be nagging at their child to complete their homework!

Equip Children with Robust Social Skills

Unlike children who head home directly after school, students who attend student care are placed in an environment where they will have to interact with children of different ages and from different schools. In school, the social circle is limited to their classmates or perhaps their Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) mates, but in student care, their social circle is extended and through frequent social interaction, they will learn essential social skills as they study together and make more new friends!

In the Primary school years, especially for the lower Primary students, children are still in their formative years where pick up good social skills. In after school care environments, children have a plethora of teachable moments and opportunities to acquire good social skills.

Besides allowing children to enjoy better peer relationships, the advantages of robust social skills go beyond social acceptance. Studies have shown how it helps kids succeed emotionally, mentally, and academically as they are able to chime into conversations, cooperate with their friends, develop lasting friendships, ask for help when the need arises, and more importantly build confidence and positive self-esteem.

The presence of a trained adult also helps them to talk out their problems or supervise them as they interact with one another, ensuring that they pick up positive habits!

With these benefits, student care centres are your one-stop provider that cares for your child’s every after-school need. From their meals, rest, learning, and to play, it provides the best support system for your Primary 1 to Primary 6 child!


Established in 2006, NASCANS is a leading student care brand in Singapore with over 20 locations in partner MOE schools and 5 community-based centres, providing students with “an Oasis between School and Home”. NASCANS’ award-winning programme nurtures children holistically by inculcating positive thinking habits, leadership skills and strength of character through structured and fun learning activities.

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