Coding Programme

(powered by The Brainery Code)

For P1 to P6 students

As a leading Student Care and education centre in Singapore, we recognise the importance of coding for young children in this digital age. The skills they learn in coding such as computational thinking, problem solving, logical reasoning and data handling also help them advance their understanding and learning of Mathematics and Science. Through our carefully designed courses and projects, your child will learn to think logically, solve problems, and express his/her creativity in exciting new ways.

Programme Outline

Our Coding Programme is powered by The Brainery Code, a premier provider for Coding and Robotics enrichment programmes in Singapore. The programmes have been developed to create a stimulating and engaging classroom experience with a focus on delivering future competencies, and have also been thoughtfully designed to help your child become confident and creative individuals, transforming them from novices to competent and outstanding virtuosos in coding.

The hands-on programme is designed to improve 4 key thinking skills:


• Computational Thinking 

• Logical Reasoning

• Data Handling

• Problem Solving 

Your child can look forward to code on these exciting platforms:


• Minecraft Education

• Scratch

• MakeCode Arcade
• App Lab
• Co Spaces

• Virtual Reality

and more!

Key Highlights

    1. Designed to make learning to code fun, accessible, and empowering for your child using block-based coding through unique and creative game-based learning.
    2. Experiment with coding through inquiry-based and project-based learning, such as creating games, designing animated characters that come to life!
    3. Explore a variety of topics via the hottest platforms on the market; creating animations in Scratch, designing retro-style games in MakeCode, coding mobile apps in App Lab, as well as using Virtual Reality (VR) equipment to experience prototyping!
    4. Learn from a team of experienced instructors who are passionate about teaching coding to your child. They will offer personalized support and feedback to help your child succeed!

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