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Learn the skills and heuristics to solve questions with ease!

Embark your child on an engaging journey to Mathematics Excellence at in:genius by NASCANSTM!

For P1 to P6 students

Stretch your child’s potential in Mathematics! At in:genius by NASCANSTM, our Mathematics tutorials adopts a highly effective method of teaching to develop a deep and sustainable understanding of mathematics in students. This provides a progressive and interactive learning experience which in turn develops students’ exam proficiency and self-confidence.

Exciting the mind for Mathematics Through

Fun and interactive content with colorful illustrations


Hands-on activities during lesson to apply concepts to real world

Regular in-class and online quizzes and assignments

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    Key Highlights:

    ✔️ Structured lessons for effective learning and understanding of mathematical concepts
    ✔️ Lesson pivoted by a 3-pronged approach to optimise learning:

    ✔️ Anchor task – before and during formal lesson, students will be presented with problem(s) for discussion and solution exploration
    ✔️ Guided practice – formal lessons and practices facilitated by the teacher
    ✔️ Independent practice – use of Student Workbook to reinforce and encourage independent learning

    ✔️ Use of manipulatives

    ✔️ Engage students to learn within a fun and safe set of parameters
    ✔️ Enable students to completely understand and internalise abstract concepts using pictorial representations

    ✔️ Specially curated content to give students opportunities to hone and apply their problem-solving skills in real-world contexts as well as during examinations
    ✔️ Experienced teaching and curriculum team with decades of experience
    ✔️ Added convenience and hassle-free experience for weekday classes conducted during student care hours


    Primary 1

    Students will be introduced to concepts in Whole Numbers, Measurements, Geometry and Data Analysis where they will build strong foundations. In addition, they will learn basic problem-solving skills and be expected to solve problems.


    Examples of skills & knowledge acquired:

    ⭐️Solving problems using heuristics such as Model Drawing, Systematic Listing, Find a Pattern and Draw a Diagram
    ⭐️Doing simple calculations using the 4 operators (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division)
    ⭐️Developing skills in interpreting data in picture graphs, perform simple measurements, drawing and identifying simple shapes

    Primary 2

    Student will continue to build on the basics taught in Primary 1 with increased depth. They will be exposed to more challenging questions and topics to test their critical thinking skills. Students will also learn new topics such as Fractions, Volume and Mass.


    Examples of skills & knowledge acquired:

    ⭐️Learning and applying heuristics such as Model Drawing: Multiplication and Division and Restate the Problem
    ⭐️Solving word problems that are more complex and require critical thinking skills
    ⭐️Developing skills in dealing with larger numbers, different units of measurement and addition/subtraction of fractions

    Primary 3

    Students will be equipped with the necessary skills to tackle formal examinations with ease and confidence. They will reinforce what they have learnt in Primary 1 and 2 while mastering new topics such as Area and Perimeter, Angles, Parallel and Perpendicular Lines.


    Examples of skills & knowledge acquired:

    ⭐️Solving problems using heuristics such as Guess and Check and Working Backwards
    ⭐️Developing further their critical thinking skills in solving new topical word problems that are more challenging

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