Science Excellence Programme


Inspiring students to unveil the mysteries of science!

Embark your child on an engaging journey to Science Excellence at in:genius by NASCANSTM!

For P3 to P6 students

Stretch your child’s potential in Science! At in:genius by NASCANSTM, our Science programme is designed to make science learning meaningful, engaging and enjoyable, while at the same time, allows every child to discover and build strong fundamentals, including critical and creative thinking, as well as the ability to express and articulate thoughts and ideas well.

Exciting the mind for Science Through

Fun and interactive content with colorful illustrations

Hands-on activities during lesson to apply concepts to real world

Regular in-class and online quizzes and assignments

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    Key Highlights:

    ✔️Inquiry approach to nurture students’ curiosity about the things around them, build their confidence, equip them with scientific terms and concepts as well as skills to develop habits of mind, ethics and attitudes
    ✔️Integrated curriculum (whenever it allows; especially integration within the various themes as well as other subject disciplines)
    ✔️Comprehensive study notes to allow for easy revision
    ✔️Experimental kits for investigative hands-on learning
    ✔️Interesting reading exercises/passages with authentic contexts to develop global perspectives and make connections between real-world examples and scientific concepts
    ✔️Oral presentations and reflective practices


    Primary 3

    Students will be introduced to themes in Diversity, Cycles, Materials and Interactions where they will develop fundamental skills to build a foundation in scientific understanding.


    Examples of skills & knowledge acquired:
    ⭐️ Process skills such as sorting/classifying, observing qualities, predicting and basic problem-solving
    ⭐️ Using scientific terms and phrases to answer structured and open-ended questions
    ⭐️ Carry out simple experiments to investigate scientific concepts

    Primary 4

    Students will be introduced to themes in Cycles (Matter & Water), Systems and Energy where they will deepen their understanding of and foundation in science.


    Examples of skills & knowledge acquired
    ⭐️ Process skills such as measuring quantities, interpreting data, inferring, experimenting and communicating

    ⭐️ Apply answering techniques to tackle open-ended questions
    ⭐️ Conduct investigations, testing solutions and constructing explanations

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