English Writing and Comprehension

English Writing and Comprehension

For P1 to P6 students

What if we tell you that beyond having a high-level of proficiency in English, Primary school students will need to write, read and comprehend a wide range of texts to excel in the examinations?

In Singapore, English is the primary language of instruction and is one of the main lingua franca of the Internet, world trade, and the increasingly technologically-driven world. In line with the new MOE English Language Syllabus 2020, NASCANS recognises how literacy has been influenced by social, cultural and technological changes and incorporates multiliteracies in its English language programmes.

Programme Outlines

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To excel in the English language, Primary school students must equip themselves with essential strategies and techniques in the years leading up to the PSLE examination. At NASCANS, our English enrichment is a structured, systematic and student-centric programme that is aligned to the syllabus set by Singapore’s Ministry of Education.


Developed by in-house English experts, the programme infuses grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing to build a robust foundation for Primary 1 to Primary 6 students, and help them tackle the main examination components in the English language examinations.

Our English Programme covers the two main components of the English paper (75%):

  • Paper 1 (Writing)
  • Paper 2 (Comprehension and Language Use)

English Writing – Growing the Creative Writer Within

Did you know that strong writing leads to strong thinking? Gain a competitive edge in English and Writing with NASCANS’ Creative Writing programme!

English Writing Compositions Tuition

Key Highlights:

    1. Immerse your child in a world of words and nurture a confident creative writer through a productive, constructive, and effective process writing approach
    2. Gain a comprehensive toolkit of over 16 creative writing strategies for a variety of text types such as poems, stories, letters, fables, and personal recounts.
    3. Master over 10 literary devices that adds texture, energy and excitement to the narrative
    4. Acquire an expressive vocabulary, comprising descriptive adjectives and adverbs for use in writing

PSLE English Paper 1 Examination Components Covered:

Primary School English Writing Tuition

Situational Writing

Primary School English Writing Tuition

Continuous Writing

English Comprehension – Reading Between the Lines

Stretch your child’s ability to read between the lines, decipher and analyse key terms in visual and textual comprehension passages as well as nurture critical reading and viewing skills.

English Reading Comprehension Tuition

Key Highlights:

    1. Nurture a genuine love for reading across various text types
    2. Develop a keen understanding of their own thinking (metacognition) through visible thinking routines
    3. Learn how to identify, annotate, and analyse text patterns, features and organisational structures of any given passage
    4. Gain higher order thinking skills to evaluate a variety of text types including literary, informational and functional texts, as well as graphic stimulus visual texts

PSLE English Paper 2 Examination Components Covered:

Primary School English Writing Tuition

Visual Text Comprehension

Primary School English Writing Tuition

Open-ended Comprehension

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