Chinese Language and Literacy

For P1 to P6 students

Stretch your child’s potential in the Chinese language! At NASCANS, our Chinese tutorials are designed in a progressive and structured way by in-house Chinese language pedagogy experts for students to develop a love for the language and gain mastery in reading and writing.

Programme Outline

For students to excel in the 21st century, they will need to master the Chinese language. At NASCANS, our Chinese language and literacy programme is a fun, structured, and student-centric programme that is aligned to the Chinese syllabus set by Singapore’s Ministry of Education.


Developed by in-house Chinese experts, the programme breaks down the learning of the language into bite-sized components and infuses various aspects such as vocabulary, grammar, writing techniques and answering strategies in a fun and engaging manner.

Our Chinese programme covers the two main components of the Chinese paper (65%):

  • Paper 1 (Writing)
  • Paper 2 (Comprehension and Language Use)

Chinese Language and Literacy

Close the gaps in students’ knowledge and application of the Chinese language and prepare them for their examinations!

Key Highlights:

    1. Gain an expressive vocabulary bank, comprising Chinese proverbs and idioms
    2. Nurture confident writers through our systematic 5-step writing technique
    3. Acquire powerful evaluative reading comprehension skills and formulate insightful viewpoints
    4. Structured answering strategies to help students unpack questions requirements

PSLE Chinese Examination Components Covered:

Primary School English Writing Tuition


Primary School English Writing Tuition

Reading Comprehension

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